Friday, 27 May 2016

Mystery Laundry

Mrs Beaver was busy with the laundry, when she noticed two very big holes in the middle of her favourite sheets! How on earth did that get there???

"We must have mice!!!"

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Slumber Party

Some of Renee's best friends came over for a slumber party! They had sweets, biscuits, cakes and fizzy pop. They all brought over their sleeping bags and camped out in the front room. They were going to have so much fun!

"hiccup! I may of drank too much pop!!"

Renee decided to tell the girls a ghost story. A group of girls were having a sleepover in a haunted house in Sylvania. When late in the night when they were asleep, they heard a noise… wait, what is that in the corner of the room? Its A GHOST!!!!!

All the girls jumped up with a fright, they were terrified!

"Oh my goodness! RUN!!!!" 

Wait just a minute, there was no fooling Renee. It wasn't a ghost at all. It was little Michael under a bed sheet, trying to scare the girls! Naughty Michael.

"Thats Momma's favourite sheet, you're going to be in so much trouble!"

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Take Away Night!

The Beavers had been so busy with the Restaurant, they haven't had much family time. So Mr Beaver decided they would all have a take-away night. Renee and Michael chose Pizza! So they rang their local delivery pizza place, the best in Sylvania. 

"Michael! That ones not ours!!"

They ordered a vegetable delight, and a hot hot pepperoni. Little Jerome burnt his mouth, poor little fella!

"Poppa, thats your 8th slice!"

The kids were so happy with pizza in their bellies, they even offered to do all the washing up that night! 

"will I get extra ice-cream for this?"

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Catch of the Day

Mr Beaver had a very successful afternoon out on his boat. The specials boards was going to  be extra specially good tonight!

"I can't wait to fire up the grill!"

Mr Beaver was cooking up a storm on the BBQ grill, he couldn't cook the fish fast enough! The grilled Halibut with Mrs Neptune's peach and pepper salsa was a firm favourite

"Another Bourbon glazed Salmon, Mr Beaver!"

The atmosphere was electric, the restaurant was filled with happy dinners. The feedback from the customers was that the service and food were extraordinary!

"Compliments to the chef, from table number 5!"

Sunday, 8 May 2016

A beautiful day

It was such a beautiful day, Mrs Beaver decided to treat the boys to an ice-cream at the beach as they were being so well behaved.

"I want the biggest most choclatiest one momma!"

Daddy Beaver took some time out on his boat to enjoy the sunshine. Maybe he would catch tonights restaurant special!

"all this fishing makes me hungry!'

Michaels good behaviour didn't last long. When Daddy Beaver returned home, he forgot to put away his fishing rod. Michael decided to 'borrow' it for a short while…

"I got one!"

The Strangest Dream

Last night, Renee had the strangest dream...

"Maybe I should lay off the cheese before bed??"

Monday, 2 May 2016

Renee's First Bike Ride

 And they were off! Renee, Gemma, Michael and Jerome went on their first ever bike ride. The weather was just perfect for it. Michael loved being the navigator at the front.

"Faster Nae, faster!"

They took a little picnic break by the water to check over the woodland trails guide. Renee found the perfect little bike trail right by the water!

"this bagel is so scrumptious!"

Renee loved her bike so much, she could of ridden for hours more, but the boys were getting a little tired, it had been a long day. So they decided to head bike to The Sylvanian Village.

"Not long to go now boys!"

When they got back to the village, Renee treated everyone to some delicious baked goods from the Brick Oven Bakery. What a wonderful way to end a wonderful day.

"Warm freshly baked bread, mmmmmm!"