Saturday, 29 October 2016

Happy Halloween - Part One

The Little ones were all dressed up in their Halloween best as Mrs Beaver was taking them out Trick or Treating.

"We're going to get so much candy, I can taste it already!"

But the boys were so frantic to eat their special Halloween treats, that they spilt them all over the floor!

"3 second rule! Quick!"

After Trick or Treating, everybody gathered in the village hall for a special Halloween party. It was frightfully good!

"Aaaaaah!!! A GHOST!!!… No wait, it's just Michael"

Even the little toy houses were haunted, it was spook-tacular!

"I wonder what the potions taste like?"

Michael took one of the potions from the display, removed the cork and took an enormous gulp! The next moment he was hiccuping bubbles, big green bubbles in fact!

"It tastes like sprouts.. hiccup… and limes…hiccup…"

Silly michael...

Pumpkin carvin

 Mr Beaver, Michael and Renee set out to carve the biggest pumpkin in the village. Renee designed the face, Michael marked it all out then Mr Beaver began to carve it out.

"You be careful up that ladder Michael!"

Their efforts were SPOOK-TACULAR!

"I'm a little bit frightened daddy!"

Friday, 21 October 2016

Mr Beavers Prize Pumpkin

Mr Beaver couldn't quite believe his eyes when he was tending his vegetable patch. His pumpkin was growing quite rapidly over the weeks, but over night it became enormous!

"By George, will you look at that!"

It drew quite the crowd at the Sylvanian Harvest Festival. Nobody had seen a pumpkin quite that big before.

"It's as big as a boat!"

Mr Beavers pumpkin won first prize in the 'Rather Large Vegetable' category. He paraded his prize pumpkin around the village with pride!

"Pumpkin pie for everyone!"

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Autumn inspiration

Mr Beaver managed to get a little bit of time to himself and dust off his paints. He was feeling all inspired by the beautiful autumn colours.

"That's it, I think I'm finished"

Meanwhile the little ones were enjoying riding their bikes in the crunchy fallen leaves!

"Look, no hands!"

After their bike ride, they took a stroll into town. The Toy Shop had the most spooktacular halloween window display. It was getting closer to halloween everyday!

"I think I see a miniature ghost in the miniature house :O"

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Autumn is here!

The Beavers arrived home from their holiday to a much chillier Sylvania. All the trees had turned to beautiful shades of orange and gold, and the leaves had started to fall to the ground. 

"Everyone inside and get your woolies on!"

All the family helped with clearing the garden of leaves. There was much to be done!

"Where on earth is Jerome?!"

As soon as the garden was (almost) cleared, Mrs Beaver managed to get the holiday washing done and out on the line.

"There he is!"

Michael and Renee seized the opportunity for wheelbarrow rides around the garden. 

"Faster, faster, FASTER!"

They were having the best time. Autumn is so much fun!

"Round again!"