Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A day at the seaside

The Beavers made their way to the seaside as the weather was so lovely. Mrs Beaver laid out a wonderful picnic while the others enjoyed the sun.

"This is my castle,  I have to defend it"

The kids were having the best time!

"Now see how long you can stay buried for, Michael…"

It was time to go, but Michael wanted to stay.

"But Momma, Mr ducky wants to stay too!"

Back at the caravan, Mrs Beaver made one last special dinner. It smelt absolutly delicious. What a wonderful way to finish a wonderful holiday.

"It's ready now. sweetheart"

The perfect spot

Mrs Beaver found the perfect spot for their little holiday in a meadow with a lovely view of the forest.

"Mrs Beaver, you've done it again!"

Renee and Michael loved the caravan. The weather was beautiful, but they had more fun playing games inside!

"Michael, you can't climb up the snake!!"

Eventually they left the caravan to explore the countryside around them.

"Look at those black and white horses!" "They're cows Michael"

Mr Beaver found the perfect spot for a family photo. What a wonderful holiday this was.

"Look at me Jerome! Say cheese!"

Later, Mrs Beaver heard laughing and giggling coming from the bathroom. The kids were playing hide and seek.

"Oh silly Michael!"

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Mr Beavers great idea

Mr and Mrs Beaver were enjoying their breakfast in bed, when the postman came with a postcard from the Walnuts on their honeymoon. This gave Mr Beaver a great idea…

"Mr Beaver, stop staring into space. Your breakfasts getting cold!"

Later that day, everyone heard honking coming from outside; all the Beavers ran to have a look. Mr Beaver had only gone and bought a caravan!

"Don't worry Mrs Beaver, it was a bargain!"

So Mr Beaver sat down with a slice of wedding cake, a can of beer and several maps. He was planing their next adventure!

"Any more cake left Mrs Beaver, this is going to take a while?"

Everyone was so excited for their holiday plans. Mrs Beaver and the children went out to the shops to buy all their supplies. This was going to be a great adventure!

"Look at all the toys, Michael. We'll have to start writing our christmas list soon!"

And they were off! All packed and ready, the Beavers were finally on the road!

"Oh Mr Beaver, you missed the turning, again!"

Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Walnut Wedding - Part Two

It was time to cut the cake. Mrs Beavers signature bake was a real talking point. She even got a few orders in from the guests for birthday cakes! 

"Careful Cedric, let me help!"

Then the music started, it was Yardley's favourite song. So the couple took to the floor and waltzed around the room. It was such a beautiful sight, everyones eyes were so glued to the happy couple, that no one noticed little Michael joining in!


All the girls gathered outside; Yardley was about to throw the bouquet! All the ladies were falling over themselves to catch it, But Renee got there first!

"I always was good at cricket!"

The end of the day had drawn to a close, and the happy couple were setting off on their honeymoon. Mr Beaver and Mr Neptune had kindly decorated their car. Everyone waved them goodbye, what a fantastic day it had been.

"Oh boys, you are silly!"

Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Walnut Wedding - Part one

 The first of the guests have begun to arrive. They were all so excited to see the bride!

"Oh thats a lovely hat Amelia!"

The photographer was all set and ready to get the first snap of the bride; here she comes!

"Oh Yardley, you look stunning!"

Yardley felt like a million dollars. She couldn't wait to see Cedric's face when she walked down the isle.

"Now girls, don't walk too fast down the Isle will you!"

Cedric couldn't believe his eyes. Yardley was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. There wasn't a dry eye in the garden as they said "I do"

"Can I kiss the bride yet?" 

Michael and Renee started the confetti throwing. 

"This is the happiest moment of my life, Cedric"

Now time for the toasts. There were more tears shed. They were going to run out of tissues at this rate!

"To my beautiful wife, Mrs Walnut"

The Beaver family took the opportunity to have their family portrait taken. They were all wearing their best after all.  

"Michael, stop eating the confetti!"

To be continued...

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Wedding preparations

Wedding preparations are well underway. The boys are getting the cars all cleaned and decorated ready for the big day.

"Who keeps turning on the windscreen wipers!!!"

The marquee was up and practically the whole village had turned out to help decorate. It was all hands on deck to get it ready in time.

"Oh dear, the carrots!"

And finally, last minute alterations were being made to Yardley's dress. 

"Oh, you look like a princess! Simply breath taking"