Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas from the Beaver Family

Santa came! Santa came! Everybody got exactly what they wished for. Michael got his wonderful train set, Jerome got his colourful rabbit walker, Renee got the most perfect pair of crisp white ice skating boots, Mr Beaver got his annual membership to 'Fisherman's Weekly' and Mrs Beaver got the beautiful bag she'd seen in the Boutique that she told Mr Beaver about last week!

"Oh Mr Beaver, you remembered!"

What a wonderful day the Beaver family were having. Now it was time to sit down and tuck into their christmas day lunch. 

"Merry christmas, everyone!"

Saturday, 24 December 2016

A Letter To Santa

The little ones were getting very excited for christmas, especially when they saw the Toy Shop window display. They simply had to explore inside!

"Oh my, look at that train!"

The Toy Maker was happy to show the little ones around. Michael asked if he could see the train a little closer.

"It's what I've always wanted!"

Michael new exactly what he was going to ask Santa for…

"I hope I'm not on the naughty list!"

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Mince Pies and Christmas Movies

Mrs Beaver was in the kitchen preparing some delicious mince pies. She was pretty confident that the pastry was going to be extra specially delicious this year!

"It's beginning to look a lot like christmas…"

Once the mince pies were out of the oven, Mrs Beaver didn't even need to call the family. They all smelt the delicious pastry parcels and came running down the stairs!

"Don't let Poppa eat them all, save one for me!"

Mr Beaver made a batch of delicious caramel hot chocolates for everyone to enjoy with the mince pies, and Renee chose her favourite christmas move for them to watch "Home Alone 2, lost in Sylvania"

"Now this is what christmas is all about!"

Monday, 12 December 2016

Putting up the decorations

Mr Beaver thought he'd surprise everyone whilst they were out christmas shopping and decorate the tree. But things weren't going quite to plan.

"Oh dear, I seem to of got into a bit of a tangle"

When Mrs Beaver returned home, she thought it quite amusing to find Mr Beaver in such a pickle. She soon put things right.

"Oh Mr Beaver, what are you like! Sit down and have a mince pie"

When it came to decorating the out side of the house, Mrs Beaver suggested they all do it together. The more helping hands the better when it comes to christmas decorating!

"Next year, I think I'll wait for you Mrs Beaver!"

Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas Shopping in the Villiage

It was that time of year again, the christmas shopping wasn't going to buy itself. So Mrs Beaver took out the boys to the village shops and promised them a treat if they were good.

"Oh now would you look at that dress in the window,
 I think it's my size too!"

Well Mrs Beaver did a lot of shopping that afternoon, so much shopping that the boys had to walk so she could load the pushchair with all the shopping bags. But they didn't mind, it was time for Peter Polaris' Special Hot Chocolates!

"I'd like the chocolate, caramel, hot fudge brownie one, with marshmallows,
 cream, chocolate sprinkles and a flake… and a gingerbread man to dip in please!"

So the boys wouldn't mind walking the whole way home, Mrs Beaver treat them to a candy cane too!

"I love christmas shopping, shall we come again tomorrow momma?!"