Saturday, 25 June 2016

The New Conservatory

After Mrs Beaver dropped Michael off at Nursery, she invited the girls over for afternoon tea in their new conservatory. It had been a while since the girls had gotten together.

"Oh sounds lovely Mrs Beaver, count us in!"

The conservatory was so lovely, with such a wonderful view of the garden. Mrs Beaver could keep an eye on Mr Beaver doing the gardening!

"these sandwiches are divine!"

Then Mrs Beaver saw Mr Beaver just in time, he was sweeping poor little Jerome up as he was playing in the grass!

"Stop Mr Beaver!! That's not grass it's his hair!"

For the rest of the afternoon, the girls had to pick grass out of little Jerome's hair. Silly Mr Beaver!


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Queens Birthday

This week was the Queens 90th birthday, and to mark the occasion the Sylvanian's were throwing a street party to celebrate. 

"Oh, I do love a spot of afternoon tea!"

The Brick Oven Bakery even baked a special commemorative plait. Everyone was having a wonderful time! Happy Birthday Her Majesty!

"That smells absolutely devine!"

Monday, 13 June 2016

The Beaver's Camping Weekend

The Beaver's are going on their first summer holiday. They're all packed and ready for camping in the forrest. The weather, so far, has been just perfect.

"Are we there yet?"

Mr Beaver found the perfect camping spot in a clearing in the forrest. Mrs Beaver sorted the children out in their tent with snacks and blankets, while Mr Beaver collected firewood for the campfire.

"Momma, are we going to roast marshmallows?"

Renee offered to babysit one afternoon, so Mr Beaver thought he'd take Mrs Beaver out on the lake for a romantic row in his boat, it was such a lovely calm day, Mrs Beaver loved it!

"This is the life Mr Beaver"

Meanwhile, as soon as Momma and Poppa had gone, so was Michael...


It was time to go home now, so Mr Beaver loaded up the trailer and hit the road. A lovely weekend was had by all!

"Maybe next time we could go caravanning?"

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Mr Beaver's Fitness Journey

It was time for Mr Beaver to get serious, with the help of Mr Neptune he was going to get into shape for his holiday. *cue Rocky theme tune

"Come on Mr Beaver, just a few more paces!"

After a long run in the park, Mr Neptune had written a whole routine full of crunches, press-ups and burpees.

"drop and give me 20, Mr Beaver!"

Mr Beaver was pooped. He couldn't do anymore. Tomorrow, he was going to hurt!

"That's enough, poppa. That's enough"

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Healthy Shopping

There was so many healthy foods at the Sylvanian Food Market, Mr Beaver was spoilt for choice. Big green zucchini's and red juicy tomatoes, his smoothies were going to be delicious!

"Poppa won't even notice my gummy balls underneath all this veg!"

But on the way home, there was the most delicious smell coming from the Brick Oven Bakery…

"Poppa, the vegetables!!"

Mr Beaver just couldn't resist, the pastries were fresh out of the oven and were simply divine!! Some foods are healthy for the soul.

"We should get Momma and Renee something too!"

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Healthy Smoothie Time

The Beavers summer holiday is almost upon them. Mr Beaver wants to get fit and healthy ready for it, so the first step is healthy eating. Mrs Walnut gave him a lovely healthy smoothie recipe, so he got to dicing up all the fruit and veg.

"This healthy eating is a piece of cake! mmmm, cake…"

OH NO! Mr Beaver forgot to replace the lid on the blender. What a mess! This healthy eating was harder than he thought.

"Mrs Beaver's not going to be pleased!"