Saturday, 30 April 2016

Renee's Hard Work

Renee was so determined to save for her dream bike, she took up extra shifts at the supermarket to make some extra pennies.

"You're points card is nearly full Mrs Farthing!"

She even offered to babysit whilst Mr and Mrs Beaver were at the restaurant, for extra cash of course. But the boys were quite the handful!

"This is for babies, I'm outta here!!"

But all the hard work was worth it, she finally had enough money to buy her dream bike. It had not just one, but two baskets, and it was the prettiest shade of red. Renee couldn't wait for her first bike ride!

"Oh Renee, it's amazing!"

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Opening Night

The restaurant was absolutly packed. More and more customers were arriving to taste the wonderful seafood cooked on the BBQ grill!

"Oh this place looks just wonderful!"

Mr Beaver was cooking up a storm, while Mrs Neptune and Mrs Beaver where taking orders and running food. Mr Neptune felt a little overwhelmed, but as the evening drew to a close, he started to get the hang of things.

"Oh dear, I can't remember what table 4 wanted, maybe I should of written it down?"

Well, the night was a complete success! So Mr Beaver cracked open a bottle of their best champagne to celebrate.

"Here's to many more busy nights, cheers!"

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Restaurant Preperations

The girls have come to help sort out the restaurant. With their help, it really is starting to come together. Mrs Neptune has just picked up the special plate order Mrs Beaver made.

"The view is just beautiful!"

Oh no! Poor Mrs Beaver tripped and her special plates went flying! She'll have to order some more.

"OH NO!"

Later, Mr Beaver went out on his boat to fish for seafood for the opening night. It looks like lobsters on the menu!

"By George, look at the size of this!"

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Restaurant Plans

Mr Neptune began clearing out the site, whilst Mr Beaver drew up the plans. They were going into business and setting up a seaside restaurant!

"We can fish everyday, Mr Neptune!"

The girls arrived to help set everything up. Mrs Beaver couldn't believe the view! 

"Oh my goodness!"

To be continued...

Sunday, 17 April 2016

The Abandoned Building

Mr Beaver and Mr Neptune, finally found some time to go out fishing on Mr Beavers boat. With a couple beers, they were having a grand day, they caught quite a beauty too.

"Mrs Neptune and Mrs Beaver will eat well tonight!"

Further along the coast, they came across an abandoned building. It had an old jetty that looked a bit unstable, but the boys moored up anyway, they wanted to explore.

"Be careful, Mr Neptune!"

It was a bit of a mess inside, but there was so much space! They both looked at each, they had started to hatch a plan…

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "I think I am, Mr Neptune, I think I am!"

Michaels First Day at Nursery

Mrs Beaver was quite upset today, as it was Michael's first day at Nursery. Michael was quite apprehensive too. So she said goodbye at the Nursery gates, and off he went.

"Momma, my uniforms itchy!"

He had nothing to worry about at all, he had a wonderful time, and he met some lovely new friends too! Michael was going to like Nursery, a lot!

"I can't wait to show Momma what I've drawn!"

Monday, 11 April 2016

Renee's Job Hunt - Part 2

A little disheartened, Renee started back home. On her way she passed the Supermarket, there was an advert in the window for Saturday staff. With her fighting spirit, and some lovely warm bread in her tummy, she thought "What have I got to loose?" and headed in!

"Saturday job? That would be perfect!"

Renee made such a good impression, they decided to give her a trial. With her little apron on, she was determine to impress!

"I'll get right to work!"

The hot cakes weren't selling like, well, like hot cakes. So Renee decided to make a feature of them. When the Shopkeeper arrived, he was astounded! He need somebody with Renee's creativity around the place. She was hired!

"Oh my goodness, thank you, thank you!"

Friday, 8 April 2016

Renee's Job Hunt - Part One

After Gemma Walnut's birthday party, Renee couldn't stop thinking about her beautiful pink bicycle! She really wanted one of her own. She'd made her mind up, tomorrow she would look for a job and save up for one!

"think of all the things I could put in my basket!"

The next morning, there was a job vacancy in the paper for a position at the bakery right next to an advertisement for a bicycle, it must be fate!

"This is just perfect! And all that free bread!"

Well, Renee's trial shift didn't go according to plan. She completely forgot about the baking bread in the oven, as she was tending to a intricate display of jam tarts. The whole bakery nearly burnt down!

"Oh my goodness! Call the fire brigade!"

Although Renee didn't get the job, she did get a big bag of baked goods for free and a 10% discount for life!

Her Job hunt continues...

"Please pop in anytime, sweatheart!"

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Gemma Walnuts Birthday Picnic.

The postman arrived early with an invitation to Gemma Walnuts birthday picnic. Renee was very excited, the sun was shining, and all her friends would be there. What a perfect day to celebrate Gemma's big day!

"I shall take my camera, too!"

The picnic was just delicious, so many sandwiches, cakes, and pies! Gemma Walnut got an amazing pink bicycle for her birthday. It had a basket and everything. Happy Birthday Gemma Walnut! 

"Maybe one day, I'll have a bicycle just like that one!"

Monday, 4 April 2016

The morning after...

 Mrs Beaver woke up the next morning with quite a sore head!

"Momma, want to play!"

There's nothing that an ice cold shower won't sort out. She'll be back to normal in no time!

"No more wine for me!"

Mrs Beaver's Dinner Party

 Mrs Beaver's planning a dinner party with their friends, Mr and Mrs Neptune. She was planning on making her signature, spaghetti Bolognese dish. She nipped to the supermarket for the ingredients, and maybe a bottle of wine or two?

"I'll just leave these here…"

With the music blasting, she was having a fantastic time. The sauce was already tasting delicious (as was the wine).

"One glass for the sure, and one for me!"

The Neptune's were so impressed with the meal. Mr Neptune said it was the best Spag Bol he'd ever tasted! 

"another glass Mrs Neptune?" "Don't mind if I do!"