Friday, 13 April 2018

Easter treats

 The years first harvest is almost ready. Michael pulls the first carrot from the vegetable patch!

"I know what you're all thinking… carrot cake!"

Everyone had been working so hard, Mr Beaver in his artists studio and the little ones in the garden. So Mrs Beaver rustled up an abundance of easter treats (including carrot cake) for the whole family to enjoy. 

"Mrs Beaver you should think about your own cake shop, these are magnificent!"

Monday, 26 March 2018

Mr Beaver's Home!

Mr Beaver's arrived home from his trip. The whole family were so excited to see him!

"Poppa's home! Poppa's home!"

He didn't waste a minute, he went straight to his studio and went through all the paintings he did while he was away. But he wasn't happy with any of them. He tried to work on them but he still wasn't happy.

"But Poppa they're wonderful!"

He decided to take a break and stroll around the garden. Mrs Beaver and the children had been so busy. He was admiring all the beautiful flowers when he had a marvellous idea. 

"I know exactly what to paint!"

Mr Beaver painted the most beautiful thing he saw in the garden…

"Oh Mr Beaver, it's me!"

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Poor Teddy

Well, after Michael potted Teddy in one of the flower pots, he was terribly dirty. So Mrs Beaver had no choice but to poor poor old Ted in the washing machine

"Im so sorry Teddy, not too much longer in the roll polly machine!"

It was such a lovely day, Mrs Beaver decided to dry Teddy on the washing line

"I'll wait right here until you dry Teddy!"

Finally poor Teddy was all dry and squeaky clean!

"I'm sorry Teddy, next time I'll wrap you up in a blanky first!"

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Planting and potting

Meanwhile back at the Beavers house…

Mrs Beaver returned home from shopping in the village and noticed her vegetable patch was in a terrible state

"Oh dear me, what will the neighbours think?"

The little ones all rallied together to help clear the mess.

"What would I do without all of you?!"

But Michael thought he would try planting something else other than seeds in the planters...

"I wonder if Teddy will grow into a Teddy tree?!"

To be continued...

Friday, 2 March 2018

The Painting Competition

While rummaging through the mail with his morning coffee, Mr Beaver came across a flyer for a painting competition to be held in Sylvania. Well, this is quite interesting he thought.

"I've been meaning to take a trip to paint for some time, this could be my ticket"

So Mr Beaver packeted his tent, his easel and of course his bbq, and headed out beyond the Sylvanian village for some artistic inspiration for the competition.

"Now here seems like as good a spot as any!"

So he set up camp, brewed himself some tea and started to unpack his mobile studio.

"Nothing like a warm brew to get the creative juices flowing"

Apart from all the sand getting in everything including his sleeping bag, it really was the perfect spot to paint. 

"Mrs Beaver will love this one, I'm sure!"

To be continued...

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Michael goes home

Mrs Beaver bundled the boys up and headed into town for some supplies to help Michael feel better.

"Don't worry little one, we'll get you better in no time"

They stopped by Mr Polaris' fruit and veg stall. He insisted on giving Michael a whole bag of oranges for free!

"The vitamin C will help, get well soon little fella"

At home, Mrs Beaver bundled Michael up on the sofa with a hot water bottle, tissues, lemonade and his favourite chocolate ice cream.

"The ice creams really helping, maybe I should have some more?"

I think maybe Michael is feeling a little better…

"I'm just going to give you a check-up. Now this is going to be cold Jerome… hmmmm…. It's not looking good, we need some chocolate ice-cream, it's an emergency!"

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

The Country Clinic

Mrs Beaver checked Michael into the Country Clinic. Jerome was happy to play in the reception with the huge basket of toys!

"Don't you worry little one, we'll get you better in no time"

Meet the team at the Sylvanian Country Clinic, Nurse Kate Periwinkle, Dentist Dr Alex Periwinkle and GP Dr Ramsey Nettlefield.

"You're like off the tele!"

First of all Dr Nettlefield checked all Michael's vitals.

"Can I listen too?"

Then the diagnosis was made. Some cold and flu medicine, plenty of fluids and day on the couch with plenty of cartoons should do the trick!

"Thank you all so much!"