Saturday, 12 August 2017

Renee's Day At The Beach

Renee and her friends were making the most of the summer holidays and lovely weather by heading down to the beach. Renee had a great idea; they were going to make sands cultures! 

"Im going to make the biggest whale!"

The girls were having such fun creating all sorts of things out of sand!

"Well I might just make the tail, for now."

After a lovely afternoon, it was time for tea and cake. Renee had another fantastic idea.

"There you go ladies, a sand-table and sand-chairs!"

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Paddling Pool

The summer holidays were in full swing, and the weather was being very kind over Sylvania. Mrs Beaver decided to fill up the paddling pool so the little ones could cool down.

"I'm going to canon ball right in!"

The boys were having a whale of a time splish splashing about. Then Michael had an idea…

"Jerome, get me my cape!"

With Mrs Beaver's flower pot and a piece of wood from the tool shed, Michael made a little ramp leading up to the paddling pool. He asked Jerome to lay in-between, he was going to perform a very very dangerous stunt on his tricycle!

"OH NO!!!!"

But it went very very wrong. Just missing little Jerome, he fell off his bike, smashing Mrs Beavers plant pot, and grazing both his knees.

"Now, now little one. I think it's bedtime for our little daredevils"

When the little ones were all tucked up in bed, it was time for Mr and Mrs Beaver to enjoy the paddling pool.

"Canapé Mrs Beaver?"
"I don't mind if I do!"

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Book Signing

Everyone in Sylvania was very excited, Mr Beaver's book was being launched at the Applewood Department store and he was going to be doing a book signing!

"Mr Beaver?! Here?! How exciting!"

Mr Beaver was very nervous, he didn't know if anyone would turn up. But he had nothing to worry about, when they opened the doors at the start of the day, there was a queue around the block!

"I… I… I, I'm sorry, I'm nervous. I've never met a celebrity before!"

 To celebrate the success of the book, Mr Beaver treated the whole family to tea, cake and ice-cream at pippins cafe.

"Michael and Jerome, just be careful, that's your third bowl of ice cream!"

Michael spotted his absolute favourite, lemon drizzle cake.


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Mr Beavers Book - part 3

Mr Beaver was hard at work on the front cover of his book. The boys tried hard to get a peek at it, but Mr Beaver didn't want anyone to see it until he was finished. 

"I think I can see us, Jerome!" 
He was finally finished, so took it straight the Sylvanian Publishing Inc. The publisher was very very happy and wanted to send Mr Beavers book straight to print!

"I think it's going to be a hit Mr Beaver, I really do!"

The postman dropped off a batch of his printed book "The Bicycle Adventure". Everyone was so excited, it looked great!

"Oh Mr Beaver, we're so proud of you!"

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Mr Beavers book - part two

Mr Beaver put together all his sketches and storyboards and headed to Sylvanian Publishing Inc. He was very nervous, he was terribly worried he'd forgotten something!

"Don't worry Mr Beaver, you'll blow them away I'm sure!"

He finally arrived, after a few deep breaths he plucked up the courage to enter the building.

"Come on Mr Beaver, you can do this!"

Well, the publisher Mr Pembroke loved his book idea so much, he wanted Mr Beaver to get to work on the front cover so they could get it printed ASAP!

"I think I'm going to enjoy working with you Mr Beaver!"

He worked day and night to get it finished. The boys couldn't wait to see what he'd painted.

"Can you see Jerome? I think thats you and me!"

Mr Pembroke the publisher was over the moon. He thought Mr Beavers book was going to be great success!

"I'm over the moon, I'll call you in when the first batch arrives!"

To be continued...

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Mr Beavers Book - Part One

Mr Beaver was itching to get back to work, but he was having a serious creative block. He just did not know what to paint…

"I think I'm going to need another wastepaper bin!"

As he was daydreaming out of his studio window, he started to have an idea!

"I know just what to draw!"

He asked Michael to do a few posses on his tricycle, which he was more than willing to do.

"Look Poppa, one leg!"

He then went back to his studio and started to put all the images together; he had a great idea for a children's story.

"I'll get these ideas drawn up and sent away to 'Sylvanian Publishing inc'"

to be continued...

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Disney World

With their Mickey ears on their heads and big smiles on their faces, the Beaver family were finally here at the wonderful world of Disney! 

"Ouch! Watch your ears Renee!"

Michael and Jerome were extremely excited to meet their favourite of all the princesses, Belle form Beauty and the Beast. They went to the castle especially to meet her!

"Well aren't you two the cutest little mice I ever did see!"

After a wonderful magical trip, they were very excited to be home! 

"Lets get put our feet up with a cup of tea and see whats on TV Sylvania, there's no place like home"