Friday, 26 February 2016

A stroll in the park

As the weather was beginning to warm up a little, Mommy Beaver decided to take the boys out for a little stroll in the park. It was lovely to see some of the neighbours there too.

"Mommy, can we feed the ducks?"

Later on, she invited the girls around for their second book club meeting. Mrs Walnut Brought two bottles of wine with her. It was the liveliest book club yet!

"Yes please Mrs Neptune, top me up!"

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Planetarium

Today was a big day for little Michael. Daddy Beaver took him to the Planetarium to learn about the universe. He was in awe.

"So that's where we live, Michael. Planet Earth"

Little Michael was having the best day. He wanted to learn all about the stars and planets, so Daddy Beaver promised to get him a book so he could learn them at home.

Wow, this is amazing!"

Mrs Beaver's Knitting.

Daddy Beaver took Renee and Michael to the park. While the house was quite, Mommy Beaver sat down with a cup of tea and biscuits, and started to do her knitting. I wonder what she's making?

"Mommy is it for me?"

She made a beautiful cardigan for Renee. She absolutely loved it!

"Oh, it's beautiful, Thank you!"

When everyone arrived home, Daddy Beaver made everyone a hot chocolate. What another wonderful day!

"So yummy!"

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Happy Birthday Michael!

It's Michael's birthday, and everyone has been invited to the Beavers house for a party to celebrate. Everyone was having a wonderful time, especially Michael.

"For he's a jolly good fellow!"

All the lights went out, and Mommy Beaver brought in Michael's birthday cake lit with one special candle. Michael wished for more happy days like this one with all his lovely friends and family.

"I'll have two slices please!"

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentines Day

Love is in the air at the Beaver's household. Daddy Beaver surprised Mommy Beaver with a lovely bunch of Valentines flowers, chocolates and a card!

"Oh my, they are beautiful!"

In the evening, Daddy Beaver took Mommy Beaver out to their favourite restaurant for a lovely meal. Mommy Beaver wore her brand new dress for the occasion. The meal was absolutely divine.

"and tonights special, scollops, minted pea puree, and the chefs special sauce!"

To finish of their perfect day, they grabbed some delicious cakes from the cake shop on the way home, and had a night cap on the balcony. The day had been simply wonderful.

"I really love you, Mommy Beaver", "I really love you too"

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Pancake Day!

 It's finally here, Shrove Tuesday, or as the Beaver Family know it, PANCAKE DAY! Mommy Beaver let Michael and Renee help her make the pancake mixture. She turned her back for 2 minutes and Michael was up to mischief again!


Once all the mess had been cleared up, they all sat around the table to enjoy Mommy Beavers delicious, famous buttermilk pancakes. Daddy Beaver had quite the portion!

"Dear, these are simply divine!"

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Mommy Beavers Book-club

Mommy Beaver invited her friends over, Mrs Neptune and Mrs Walnut, for her first book-club meeting. They had such a good time! Mrs Walnut especially liked the book "Little Weezles" by Louisa May Peacocock!

"This coffee is delicious Mrs Beaver!"

Daddy Beaver kindly offered to babysit so the ladies could have some peace and quiet!

"Oh dear…"

Friday, 5 February 2016

Renee's First Day At School

It's Renee's first day at school today. She was very excited, but also really nervous too. But there was nothing to worry about at all. Her teacher Mrs Squirrel was lovely, and all her class mates were wonderful. 

"These are lovely drawings Renee!"

Today, Mrs Squirrel was teaching them all how to make dresses, and she helped Renee design and make her very own frock! She was going to like it here a lot!

"Oh it's so pretty!"

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Home Sweet Home

The Beavers all arrived home safely, but the car was filthy! Daddy Beaver gave it a good old 

"Oh Michael, what are you doing!"

"Daddy Beaver! Daddy Beaver, quick!" A creepy crawly spider crawled out of the camping equipment as Mommy Beaver was un-packing, she was terrified! 

"Hurry up Daddy Beaver!"

After a long day of un-packing and cleaning, the whole family snuggled up around the tele to watch a movie. The little ones tucked into some ice-cream, whilst Mommy and Daddy Beaver had a lovely warm cup of tea. the camping holiday was fantastic, but it was good to be home.

"Anything good on, dear?"

Monday, 1 February 2016

The Camping Adventure

Daddy Beaver decided to plan a camping trip for all the family, how exciting!

"hmmm, somewhere with a river would be nice!"

In no time at all, they were all packed and ready to hit the road! Everyone was so excited!

"Are we there yet?" "Not yet, Michael"

Daddy Beaver found a lovely spot, but it was rather cold and windy. Mommy Beaver suggested they try somewhere else!

"This weather isn't going to spoil our fun!"

Daddy Beaver and little Michael went in search of a better spot. By gosh, they found a beautiful river with a waterfall! They ran back to get the rest of the family. 

"well this will do just nicely!"

It was the perfect camping spot! After the tent was put up and everyone was settled, Mommy Beaver made her famous buttermilk pancakes and tea. It was delicious!

"Can we have some more Mommy Beaver?"

A little later on, Daddy Beaver went down to the river to fish for the supper, they were going to eat well tonight!

"Got ya!"

The BBQ went down a treat. Everyone had happy full tummies. It was the best family camping trip, and Daddy Beaver couldn't wait to start planning the next holiday!

"yum yum yum!"