Monday, 28 March 2016

Easter Sunday

Michael heard stirring in the garden on Saturday night, could it be…???

"Oh my goodness!"

He did see the Easter Bunny! All the children began to hunt for the eggs he left for them to find. There were so many.

"I can almost reach it!"

Later on, everybody in the village gathered together for the annual Easter Party. Mrs Beavers cakes were a hit, they looked wonderful and tasted even better. Everyone had a wonderful time!

"Look at the little bunny on top of the cake!"

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Easter Party Preparations

The daffodils have begun to bloom, Easter is definitely here! It was time to plan for the annual village Easter party.

"I picked this for you, Mommy"

Mrs Beaver went to the village store to buy all the ingredients for the Easter cakes. The children promised to help. There was so much to do!

"Come on Renee and Michael, stop dawdling!"

The job of icing the cake should probably not have gone to Michael, what a mess he's making!

"Oh Michael, what have you done?"

After all the mess was cleared up, Renee and Mrs Beavers friends came over to work on their Easter Bonnets for the party.

"I think I should like an Easter chick on mine, Mrs Walnut!"

The girls hard work had paid off. Their Easter Bonnets looked truly lovely!

"Smile for the camera girls!"

Friday, 25 March 2016

Good Friday -Fish and Chips

It's Good Friday in Sylvania, and Mr and Mrs Beaver thoughts they'd treat the children to traditional fish and chips add it was such a beautiful day. Finley Osbourne's Fish and Chip van was busy as ever!

"Daddy. could I have fish cakes, please?"

Everyone was enjoying themselves, the fish was delicious, the chips were perfection, the sun was shining, then little Michael got a bit over zealous with the ketchup!

"Michael! Noooooooo!!!"

Sunday, 20 March 2016

A Lovely Family Sunday

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. Mr Beaver was enjoying his first cup of coffee, when his newspaper arrived.

"Oh, I hope the neighbours don't see me!"

Meanwhile, inside, Mrs Beaver was already dressed and ready. She was preparing all the lovely veggies they grew in the garden for their Sunday roast dinner.

"What a lovely green cabbage"

Mrs Beaver out did herself. The Roast dinner was simply perfection. Especially all the lovely home-grown veg. Everybody was stuffed. Well done Mrs Beaver!

"I'll carve the chicken, you relax Mrs Beaver!"

Spring is here!

 Finally the Beaver family were getting some lovely weather. Mommy Beaver decided it was time to plant some vegetables. Michael was such a good help!

"That's right Michael, lots of water to help them grow!"

A few days later, something began to happen!

"Look Momma, somethings growing!"

With a few weeks of sunshine, rain and TLC, their vegetable crop was flourishing!

"I can't wait to try these radishes, they look delicious!"

Friday, 18 March 2016

St Patricks Day

Yesterday it was St Patricks day. Daddy Beaver decided to celebrate in style. Green hats, green bows, green bow ties - even the drinks were green. Happy St Paddys day everyone!

"Top of the morning to ya!"

Monday, 14 March 2016

The New Sewing Machine

Mommy Beaver and Renee couldn't wait for the delivery of the new sewing machine. Mommy Beaver was going to give Renee a sewing lesson!

"I think I'm getting it now!"

Renee picked it up so quickly! She made herself a beautiful dress with a matching headband. She couldn't wait to start designing some more outfits to show to her friends!

"Oh Renee, you look fabulous!"

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

It's Renee's Birthday!

Mommy Beaver arranged a surprised garden party for Renee on her special day. All her best friends came, it was the most wonderful time! Then Mommy Beaver brought out the cake. It was Renee's favourite, vanilla sponge, strawberry's and vanilla frosting!

"Happy birthday to you!"

Later, Renee and her friends decided to play hairdressers. Little Jerome was there model. Although they did a grand job, Jerome was a little unsure.

"Oh, you look beautiful!"

Renee had the beast day, with the best friends and family.