Monday, 1 February 2016

The Camping Adventure

Daddy Beaver decided to plan a camping trip for all the family, how exciting!

"hmmm, somewhere with a river would be nice!"

In no time at all, they were all packed and ready to hit the road! Everyone was so excited!

"Are we there yet?" "Not yet, Michael"

Daddy Beaver found a lovely spot, but it was rather cold and windy. Mommy Beaver suggested they try somewhere else!

"This weather isn't going to spoil our fun!"

Daddy Beaver and little Michael went in search of a better spot. By gosh, they found a beautiful river with a waterfall! They ran back to get the rest of the family. 

"well this will do just nicely!"

It was the perfect camping spot! After the tent was put up and everyone was settled, Mommy Beaver made her famous buttermilk pancakes and tea. It was delicious!

"Can we have some more Mommy Beaver?"

A little later on, Daddy Beaver went down to the river to fish for the supper, they were going to eat well tonight!

"Got ya!"

The BBQ went down a treat. Everyone had happy full tummies. It was the best family camping trip, and Daddy Beaver couldn't wait to start planning the next holiday!

"yum yum yum!"

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