Saturday, 26 March 2016

Easter Party Preparations

The daffodils have begun to bloom, Easter is definitely here! It was time to plan for the annual village Easter party.

"I picked this for you, Mommy"

Mrs Beaver went to the village store to buy all the ingredients for the Easter cakes. The children promised to help. There was so much to do!

"Come on Renee and Michael, stop dawdling!"

The job of icing the cake should probably not have gone to Michael, what a mess he's making!

"Oh Michael, what have you done?"

After all the mess was cleared up, Renee and Mrs Beavers friends came over to work on their Easter Bonnets for the party.

"I think I should like an Easter chick on mine, Mrs Walnut!"

The girls hard work had paid off. Their Easter Bonnets looked truly lovely!

"Smile for the camera girls!"

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