Friday, 8 April 2016

Renee's Job Hunt - Part One

After Gemma Walnut's birthday party, Renee couldn't stop thinking about her beautiful pink bicycle! She really wanted one of her own. She'd made her mind up, tomorrow she would look for a job and save up for one!

"think of all the things I could put in my basket!"

The next morning, there was a job vacancy in the paper for a position at the bakery right next to an advertisement for a bicycle, it must be fate!

"This is just perfect! And all that free bread!"

Well, Renee's trial shift didn't go according to plan. She completely forgot about the baking bread in the oven, as she was tending to a intricate display of jam tarts. The whole bakery nearly burnt down!

"Oh my goodness! Call the fire brigade!"

Although Renee didn't get the job, she did get a big bag of baked goods for free and a 10% discount for life!

Her Job hunt continues...

"Please pop in anytime, sweatheart!"

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