Monday, 13 June 2016

The Beaver's Camping Weekend

The Beaver's are going on their first summer holiday. They're all packed and ready for camping in the forrest. The weather, so far, has been just perfect.

"Are we there yet?"

Mr Beaver found the perfect camping spot in a clearing in the forrest. Mrs Beaver sorted the children out in their tent with snacks and blankets, while Mr Beaver collected firewood for the campfire.

"Momma, are we going to roast marshmallows?"

Renee offered to babysit one afternoon, so Mr Beaver thought he'd take Mrs Beaver out on the lake for a romantic row in his boat, it was such a lovely calm day, Mrs Beaver loved it!

"This is the life Mr Beaver"

Meanwhile, as soon as Momma and Poppa had gone, so was Michael...


It was time to go home now, so Mr Beaver loaded up the trailer and hit the road. A lovely weekend was had by all!

"Maybe next time we could go caravanning?"

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