Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Sylvanian Olympics, part 2

More records where being smashed during the Sylvanian Olympics. Bruce Springer broke the all time high jump record, and the crowd went wild!

"He's almost in the clouds!"

Barker Fenton threw the discus further than its ever been recorded!

"No Fenton, don't fetch it!"

Finally the medal ceremony brought the whole occasion to a close. Mr Beaver and the boys headed home, it had been an amazing time.

"See you in Tokyo?"

At home, Michael had been watching the whole thing on the TV. He was feeling inspired!

"Michael, don't forget to eat your lunch!"

At Nursery, he channeled his inner Olympian and won the egg and spoon race! The crowd (all the mums) went wild!!


But he didn't fare so well in the sack race…

"He pushed me!"

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