Friday, 10 March 2017

A very fishy BBQ

The sun was shining all over Sylvania, so Mr Beaver thought what better way to enjoy all the fish they caught than to have a very fishy BBQ with all their best friends!

"Anyone for a fish burger, fish kebab, grilled fish, fish wrap or fish with my special secret sauce?"

The Children absolutly loved all the fishy treats. But it was Mr Neptune that worked out the mystery of Mr Beaver's special secret sauce, he'd know that flavour anywhere, BEER!

"It's like a fishy lollipop!"

Mrs Walnut, on the other hand, was happy nibbling on the corn. Yellow food is her absolute favourite food.

"Are you sure I can't interest you in some fish, Mrs Walnut?"
"Oh no thank you. Wine and corn is my favourite lunch!"

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