Friday, 28 April 2017

The House Next Door - Part Three

Mrs Walnut's flower boxes were looking beautiful. Just in time for the beginning of spring!

"The geraniums smell wonderful!"

Meanwhile, Mr Walnut was getting a tutorial on how to put up a fence from Mrs Beaver. She really is a dab hand at DIY!

"I'm going to learn a lot living next to you, Mrs Beaver"

Mr Beaver put his painting skills into practice, painting the fence was the last job to do.

"You missed a bit, Mr Beaver!"

Finally the scaffolding came down, the window boxes put up and the lawn all cleared and swept. Walnut Grove was ready!

"Thank you so much! We're going to love it here!… Now for the interior!"


  1. I love your blog and photo stories! I also discovered your illustrations, your work is amazing!!

  2. Oh my goodness, you have a blog! I didn't know, this has completely made my day! You're photographs and set ups make me so happy! :D