Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Momma and Baby Class

 Grandma Chocolate was out walking her new Grandchildren Kabe and Breeze when she bumped into Mrs Beaver and the boys. They couldn't wait to meet the new arrivals. Grandma Chocolate told them all about a baby class being held at the nursery she was taking the little ones to, it would be perfect for Jerome.

"Im not going to a baby class, momma. I'll go visit Poppa at the restaurant!"

The class was packed. Jerome started off extremely shy, Mrs Beaver was trying her hardest to help him mingle with the other babies.

"Come on sweetheart, what about little Scott Sandy over there, he seems nice."

It wasn't until story time, Jerome found his confidence. He sat right in the middle of all the other babies while Mrs Sandy read a fantastic seaside adventure story. Mrs Beaver felt so proud.

"And the Otters and the Angel Fish lived happily ever after, The End"

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