Saturday, 16 July 2016

Mr Beaver might need glasses?

Mrs Beaver was preparing everybody a spot of super, when she found Mrs Beaver's camera and camping book in the fridge next to the broccoli.

"Mr Beaver, what on earth.."

During breakfast, Mrs Beaver had to shout across the kitchen into the dining room before Mr Beaver ruined his morning coffee!

"Mr Beaver, that's the salt!"

Then in the afternoon, Mr Beaver was enjoying his afternoon tea and a pastry from the Brick Oven Bakery, when Michael noticed something funny going on…

"Erm, Poppa, your newspaper is upside down!"

It was time for Mr Beaver to get his eyes tested. He returned home with a lovely new pair of bright red spectacles. He looked rather dashing, Mrs Beaver thought.

"Oh Mr Beaver, you look so sophisticated!"

Finally he could see the whole of his lovely family in HD vision!

"There you all are! What a beautiful sight. "

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