Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Walnut Wedding - Part Two

It was time to cut the cake. Mrs Beavers signature bake was a real talking point. She even got a few orders in from the guests for birthday cakes! 

"Careful Cedric, let me help!"

Then the music started, it was Yardley's favourite song. So the couple took to the floor and waltzed around the room. It was such a beautiful sight, everyones eyes were so glued to the happy couple, that no one noticed little Michael joining in!


All the girls gathered outside; Yardley was about to throw the bouquet! All the ladies were falling over themselves to catch it, But Renee got there first!

"I always was good at cricket!"

The end of the day had drawn to a close, and the happy couple were setting off on their honeymoon. Mr Beaver and Mr Neptune had kindly decorated their car. Everyone waved them goodbye, what a fantastic day it had been.

"Oh boys, you are silly!"

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