Sunday, 18 September 2016

Mr Beavers great idea

Mr and Mrs Beaver were enjoying their breakfast in bed, when the postman came with a postcard from the Walnuts on their honeymoon. This gave Mr Beaver a great idea…

"Mr Beaver, stop staring into space. Your breakfasts getting cold!"

Later that day, everyone heard honking coming from outside; all the Beavers ran to have a look. Mr Beaver had only gone and bought a caravan!

"Don't worry Mrs Beaver, it was a bargain!"

So Mr Beaver sat down with a slice of wedding cake, a can of beer and several maps. He was planing their next adventure!

"Any more cake left Mrs Beaver, this is going to take a while?"

Everyone was so excited for their holiday plans. Mrs Beaver and the children went out to the shops to buy all their supplies. This was going to be a great adventure!

"Look at all the toys, Michael. We'll have to start writing our christmas list soon!"

And they were off! All packed and ready, the Beavers were finally on the road!

"Oh Mr Beaver, you missed the turning, again!"

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