Friday, 21 October 2016

Mr Beavers Prize Pumpkin

Mr Beaver couldn't quite believe his eyes when he was tending his vegetable patch. His pumpkin was growing quite rapidly over the weeks, but over night it became enormous!

"By George, will you look at that!"

It drew quite the crowd at the Sylvanian Harvest Festival. Nobody had seen a pumpkin quite that big before.

"It's as big as a boat!"

Mr Beavers pumpkin won first prize in the 'Rather Large Vegetable' category. He paraded his prize pumpkin around the village with pride!

"Pumpkin pie for everyone!"


  1. Oh my gosh! This is so adorable! I have been looking at your instagram for a couple of weeks now but oversaw the link to your blog. I have a blog too:
    You have inspired me to take such lovely pictures and I hope to take a few good photos when it is halloween...

  2. Hi Emily! I've just seen your comment, how absolutly lovely, thank you. You're blog is just darling, so so sweet. It's lovely that we can all be part of the beautiful Sylvanian World :)