Saturday, 29 October 2016

Happy Halloween - Part One

The Little ones were all dressed up in their Halloween best as Mrs Beaver was taking them out Trick or Treating.

"We're going to get so much candy, I can taste it already!"

But the boys were so frantic to eat their special Halloween treats, that they spilt them all over the floor!

"3 second rule! Quick!"

After Trick or Treating, everybody gathered in the village hall for a special Halloween party. It was frightfully good!

"Aaaaaah!!! A GHOST!!!… No wait, it's just Michael"

Even the little toy houses were haunted, it was spook-tacular!

"I wonder what the potions taste like?"

Michael took one of the potions from the display, removed the cork and took an enormous gulp! The next moment he was hiccuping bubbles, big green bubbles in fact!

"It tastes like sprouts.. hiccup… and limes…hiccup…"

Silly michael...

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