Sunday, 15 January 2017

January Sales - Part 1

Now that the snow had all cleared, the girls bundled up for a day of shopping in the January sales! First stop, The Sylvanian Boutique.

"Oh ladies, I do hope there's some bargains to be had!"

Mrs Beavers eyes set upon the most sparkly diamond she'd ever seen! Unfortunatly, it wasn't in the sale. But the lovely costume necklace next to it was!


"I'll have to show Mr Beaver, valentines day is coming up!"

Yardley Walnut just couldn't resist the cute little pink heels. They would go perfectly with her silk pink party dress!

"50% off! I'll take the pair!"

Then Narrissa Neptune saw the prettiest bag she'd ever seen. A turquoise green bag shaped like a dove!

"It's so unique, I simply must have it!"

With their purses considerably lighter, they headed to The Applewood Department store to lighten them even more.

"Come on ladies, I hear there's a sale on at the makeup stand!"

to be continued...

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