Thursday, 5 January 2017

New Skates!

Renee just couldn't wait to get on the ice with her brand new skates from Santa. She took to the ice like a fish to water, gliding along with the wind in her fur, when all of a sudden…

"Wait! Slow down! You'll…"

The boys misjudges the slipperiness of the ice and went crashing into the snow!

"Oh boys, how silly of you… I know just the thing"

To warm the boys up now they were freezing cold, Renee took them to Pippins Cafe for hot drinks and a little treat.

"I'll take one of those with the strawberry on top, and one with the chocolate frosting… oh, and is that butter cream? I love butter cream!"

The boys were soon all warm again and were planning their next adventure in the snow.

"So every time we get cold, we get cake? Brilliant!"

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