Saturday, 25 February 2017

Football and Afternoon Tea

Meanwhile in Sylvania…

The weather had finally started to warm up. So the Beaver family thought they'd enjoy the outdoors. Mrs Beaver and Renee settled down to a spot of needle point and reading, while the boys played football.

"Oh isn't this lovely, Momma!"

But the boys were kicking the ball a little too hard, first they knocked over the bin sending all the rubbish flying. It hit the bin so hard, it started off in the other direction!

"Oh no, Jerome, it's going to hit Momma and Renee!!!"

It hit the table with the tea and cakes and sent everything flying into the air!

"Quick! Lets hide!!"

But Mrs Beaver wasn't mad at all. With a little help from everyone,  the mess was cleaned up in no time. Then she took out two orange cones from Mr Beaver's tool shed and showed the boys how it was done!

"Wow Momma, you're amazing!"

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