Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Fishing Trip - Part One

 The boys had been planning a fishing trip together for ages. As the Seafood restaurant was closed for the winter season, and Cedric Walnut was between jobs, they decided to take the opportunity and finally go.

"Brace yourselves boys, it's a bit nippy; but this is going to be a trip to remember!"

The sea was pretty choppy, but that didn't stop Mr Beaver and Mr Neptune, they love the water! Cedric Walnut on the other hand decided to fish from the shore.

"You go ahead boys, I'll wait until the water comes to me!"

Cedric thought he'd be much better use making up a base camp on the beach. There was plenty of time for fishing!

"I'm sure the boys won't mind if I crack into the beers!"

To Be Continued...

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